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Currency - All prices are in AUD
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Frequently Asked Question- 

- Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday ( 9am -3:00pm ) 

- Why doesnt my tracking number work ? 

USPS updates their server at approx 8:30pm EST ,  so even when we drop your pack at 8am your not going 

see it until 830pm when they update their server ( they are NOT fed-ex ) 

If your a NEW customer we reserve the right to send your pack SIG REQ,  although you know us, we don't know you.

- It won't allow me to add items to my cart ?   

We do NOT ship to INTERNATIONAL or the state of Pennsylvania or Maryland

-My purchase did not go threw yet my card was charged


Let me be clear, if your billing address does not match

the address on record with your bank , your purchased will be declined,  so if you recently moved and did 

not tell your bank chances are your purchase was declined ( Your funds are now " pending " and will be put back into

your account in 2-3 business days,  remember this is YOUR fault for not inputting the accurate billing address.


-I have sent an e mail with a question that I have and have not gotten a response. 

Please see the "Terms and Conditions" tab at the bottom of the home page and read it's contents thoroughly.

- I am trying to set up an account but it keeps saying that the verification code that I type in is incorrect.

You may be using a browser that is too old. Please try a recent update of Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

 - I have placed an order and have not gotten a tracking number sent to me from the USPS auto-generated email system with my tracking information.

Search your spam and inbox folder for it first and foremost. Be sure to use "USPS" as your search criteria. You may email us for it and we'll email it back to you if there has been enough time duration since your order (more than 2 days). Also, please wait a full 48 hours after your order has been placed because the USPS auto-notify system is not instantaneous and can be a bit slow.


-I received a tracking number but its NOT showing on the USPS website ? 

PLEASE keep in mind,  we print the labels and send you your tracking number,   then package the items,   lastly we ship them to the local post office.   USPS does NOT show on their webpage till 830pm est. so don't be alarmed your pack hasn't shown up yet. 

- It's seems like a while and my order hasn't been delivered yet.

Check the delivery status via the USPS emailed tracking number. It was emailed to you via the email address that you provided during account setup or on your order. Please email us for your tracking information ONLY IF YOU HAVE SEARCHED your inbox and spam folder. Please keep in mind that USPS delivery speed has been effected by budget cuts from the US government. We do still ship as soon as we possibly can (within 24 hours aways with the exception of the weekends). The delivery times that USPS has changed, but our level of service has not.

-- Do you sell low volume / "small molecule" research chemicals in powder form?

Absolutely not.

- Are your peptides sold in liquid form or powder form?

The peptides are sold in Lyophilized powder form only as they should be. They are sold in this form out of absolute necessity. Once a peptide is reconstituted, the shelf-life shortens considerably. Reconstitution of the peptides is left for the qualified researcher to handle.

- I have some technical questions having to do with lab procedure. Can All American Peptides help me?

No we cannot. We are suppliers, not lab tech's. Please remember, all patrons of this website are expected to be, and have agreed through the checkout process that they are "qualified researchers".

- Are the products sold here manufactured for human or animal use?

No they are not. We cannot stress this point more. They are for laboratory testing purposes intended for in vitro usage only. Any usage of our products on humans or animals is a violation of federal law.

- A peptide that I purchased recently appears to have less lyophilized powder in the vial in comparison to the others... Why is this?

During the shipping process, it is normal for the package to take some bumps. When this happens, the "lyophilized cake" is bumped against the wall of the vial and the cake (that has a sponge-like consistency) compresses somewhat. Also, the center vial in a pack tends to get the most compression due to the weight of the other two vials to it's sides. This gives the appearance of less material but it is only a physical change. If you were to weigh the contents exactly, you would find that they are virtually the same in weight.

- All of the solid material has settled to the bottom of the research chemical that I ordered. Is it ruined?

No it is fine. This is completely normal and only has to be stirred up again to get the solids back into suspension.

- Are your products sythesized in the USA or abroad?

Both. Our peptides are sythesized in the USA.

- I have some very specific questions about the properties of your products. Can you answer them for me?

No. Beyond simple questions concering shelf life, ingredients, etc., we do not answer specific questions that go beyond the scope of our existence as "freelance research chemical suppliers". We are only suppliers and do not have the expertise to answer questions having to do with much beyond the aformentioned role. Also, please see above.

- I need to return a product. How may I do this?

We take returns as follows: Peptides must be returned sealed (vial caps in place) within 15 days of purchase. Chemicals must be returned 30 days from purchase sealed, we will NOT accept returns on an item after you've used over 50% of it.  ( REALLY ? ) 

- I cannot remember or I lost my login and / or password to my account. Can you help?

Yes we can help you. Please email us and we reset your password or remind you of your login email address as needed.

- I can't find your number to contact you ?  

We can be contacted threw email,  we are extremely fast in our responses,  it most cases any issue can be resolved that way.